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Weekly Specials!

Come on in and enjoy our weekly specials all inspired by seasonal bounties! 

April 15th to April 21st, 2024 Specials

Monday, April 15th - Meatless Monday

Stuffed Mushroom Chaat GF $16

Inspired by Anita’s recipe on, we take these stuffed mushrooms and add the holy trinity of chaat sauces and a sour splash of rhubarb!

Tuesday, April 16th - Fried Chicken - $24

Heritage Chicken (three pieces) - brined & marinated in yogurt masala then fried in ghee in a crispy chickpea batter, accompanied by Pondi salad, dwaffle, herb dipping sauce & house pickles.

Wednesday, April 17th - Dosa Dreams

Grilled Cheese Utthapum with Fresh Turmeric & Mango Chili Pickle GF $18

Adult grilled cheese with spicy mango chili pickle, gruyere, fresh herbs, onion, and ginger. Add a fried egg and call me Madame!

Thursday, April 18th - Traveling Thursday

Swiss Chard Pakora GF $14

Chickpea battered local chard leaves dotted with chaat masala and a slight drizzle of honey!

Friday, April 19th - Pickle Pizza

Rhubarb & Delhi Pesto Pie $20

Rhubarb atop a Delhi pesto of local herbs, lime and olive oil! Tomato season has not quite started but you will not be missing them with a slice of this beauty!

Bake Lab Dessert Special - Friday, April 19th to Sunday, April 21st

Rhubarb Raspberry Galette $8

A small pie with a jam made of rhubarb, raspberries, and local loquats. Topped with a scoop of Himalayan Sea Salt ice cream!

Sunday, April 21st – Araam Thali $24

Market curry, sindhi dal, fresh paneer paratha & sindhi laddu. Add lamb keema or butter chicken. (only available in-house)

Sunday, April 21st - Biryani

Fennel & Beet Khichri GF $18

Feared by some, this khichri highlights the deliciousness that both fennel and beet possess. Jump into this one, you will be glad you did!